Aswan Destination

Welcome to the everlasting charm of a country with one of the richest heritages, Egypt. There, your tour along the ancient marvels of Egypt will take you back in time. Ethereal Egypt Tours’ Aswan Day Tours is an amazing experience of exploring a mystical destination in Egypt. Guided tours will be accompanied by knowledgeable guides that will introduce the natural beauty, the ancient history, and the vibrant culture of Aswan, often misinterpreted by visitors as merely a city of ancient myths and natural wonder.

Aswan Day Tours

On your Aswan Day tours Join us as we unravel the beauty centers of this amazing site. Travel along the lake surface of the Nile River, feeling the calming waves and watching the scenery with famous sights as its backdrop. Be astonished by the great Philae Temple that remained to be the major pharaonic monument dedicated to the goddess Isis. Let us take a look at the incredible story of the Unfinished Obelisk, the largest of its kind ever found in Egypt, which remained unfinished in its quarry long ago.

Aswan Day Tour with Nile Cruise

Our Aswan Day Tours fans adventure who will have the possibility to try the most exciting excursion to Nubian villages where they will pass their time. Drift along the twinkling waters of Lake Nasser, a trip on a felucca, and be amazed at the vast cultural heritage and admirable warm hospitality Nubian settlements have.We at MrEgyptTours are in real commitment to ensuring that every minute of your Aswan day tour is full of joy, unfathomable experiences, and wonder. Join us as we set out on a journey to the center of Aswan, where we will find and admire amazing monuments such as the temple of Philae and the Nubian villages that sit next to the lovely river bank of the Nile. Come with MrEgyptTours for your Aswan Day Tour booking today and be delighted to start your adventure

Day Tours from Aswan

Book our daily flights to Cairo from Aswan and enjoy the experience of visiting the famous pyramids of Giza. Walk into the throngs of Aswan's busy marketplaces, where their unique hues, spicy scents waft, and lively sounds would call you to stroll around. During your Egypt day tours shop around in literally dozens of stalls offering colored fabrics, handcrafts, and precious stones and feel vibrant because it's part of their culture.The Egyptian Museum is one of the most important destinations for history and culture lovers around the world. Book now and enjoy a variety of options and things to do in Aswan by MrEgyptTours. You can be accompanied by local tour guides who have sufficient experience with the antiquities, history of Aswan, and its tourist attractions. These trips give visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the exciting aspects of Egypt and its wonderful culture, whether ancient or modern

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