Cairo Destination

Cairo Day Tours & Excursions Allow Cairo Day Tours to immerse you into the pulsating centers of Egypt, and be rewarded with an unending curiosity that arises with each passing moment. Through our Egypt tours, we provide not only an opportunity to explore the richness of Cairo's history and culture.

Cairo Day Tours & Excursions

Sail on a journey through time as you discover the best sights of Cairo with our guides taking you through the most iconic landmarks as they explain the details. From the pyramids of Giza, through the crowded picturesque streets of Islamic Cairo to many other sites, every Cairo tour has an unrivaled adventure icon in its bag whether for each person or for a group.

An ideal Cairo day tour logically starts with a trip to the Pyramids of Giza where you may get a look through the riddles of the earth's oldest giant structures and the all-time basics of history. Face the majestic Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, and surely set your smartphone beside you to capture that very famous but mysterious Sphinx. Also, Salah El-Din Citadel is one of the most important places where you can attend your trip to Cairo, where you can learn about the history of ancient Egypt. Egypt day tours always get you better than a flight, especially the distinctive Cairo trips, full of culture and history.

Cairo Tour & Things to Do

Subsequently, visit the Egyptian Museum which has the most priceless exhibits of the antiquities of ancient Egypt, the biggest and the most mesmerizing. Cherish the unparalleled golden treasures of Tutankhamun, be mesmerized by the giant statues of Pharaohs and deities, and see for yourself what the history and culture of centuries that were built into labyrinthine corridors.

No Cairo day could be fulfilled if you did not go to Islamic Cairo. Here, you will find captivating mosques, lively bazaars, and street life that will keep you amused and entertained. Din around the maze of the narrow alleys of Khan El Khalili; many stalls here sell T-shirts, souvenirs, and local dishes for the visitors to enjoy; indeed, the vibrant environment will usher you in. You can book a full-day trip from Cairo to Saqqara, Memphis, and Dahshur and visit the famous Memphis Necropolis in the north.

Cairo day tours with MrEgyptTours, you will get a chance to find the hidden secrets of the Egypt's capital city with highly organized plans and handier service. We invite you to spend time with us and enjoy the beauty of this incredible city with Egypt Tours today!